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Who are you?
We are a team of professionals who have put our time-tested knowledge and experience into an automated financial markets trading system. Work with us and you will see that it is possible to make money in the stock market with minimal effort.
Do you teach trading or stock market tools? Do you take money under management?
No. We will not teach you trading skills or the stock market trading tools. We will not take your money under trust management.
How do I make sure this is not a fraud?
To help you verify the quality of our recommendations we created a free "SGADEMO" package.
What is the time frame for the text message recommendations?
Text message recommendations will be delivered during the business hours of Moscow Stock Exchange and St.-Petersburg Stock Exchange on weekdays, excluding weekends and holidays.
Can I lose my money?
You will minimize the risks if you follow our recommendations. Of course, the stock market can be volatile, however, in this case you will not lose your money but for the time it takes for the market to stabilize. The Russian stock market is underestimated and, therefore, is one of the most appealing for investors. One of the key points you must understand of is that you purchase - with your money - a market product (i.e. equities), which is then assigned to you  in the Depositary and becomes your property.
Do I have to give you my money? What is your interest?
You do not need to give us your money. We are not a bank or stock brokerage, we do not open our own accounts and do not solicit for and hold you money in them. When you buy an SGA Consulting package you pay us for the service of text message stock trading advice.
Where can I open a brokerage or deposit account? How do I deposit or withdraw money?
You choose your own bank or a brokerage firm that you want to sign a brokerage agreement with. You will deposit or withdraw your funds with that bank/broker. Please ask your bank or broker for more information.
What knowledge or professional skills do i need to start working SGA Consulting?
You do not need any professional stock market experience or knowledge. You need to carefully read the FQA section of the website and our Terms and Conditions. Here is how it works: “Receive a text message recommendation from us – issue an order to the stock broker”.
How much time do I have to act on the received text message recommendation?
Text message recommendation to open the position will contain the ceiling price of the equity. You have time until this price is reached on the stock exchange to execute the text message recommendation. When you receive the text message recommendation to close the position, you need to execute the recommendation as soon as possible.
How do I best distribute my investment – should I invest into one security or several securities?
To create an effective portfolio you need to invest into different securities, open both long and short positions. By distributing your capital among different securities you ensure diversification of your investment, i.e. Spread your portfolio among different securities to reduce risks related to unexpected underperformance of any single security.
Which stocks do you invest in?
We only invest into the stocks of the largest Russian and international companies.

Dear clients,
I will be happy to assist you in any questions you might have about services SGA Consulting.
Olesya Resnyanskaya

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