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Service advantages


You earn more profit than from a savings account deposit.


You issue a trade settlement order to the stock broker according to the recommendation you received.


You decide yourself how much money to invest in the equities.


You invest your money yourself, we do not take it under trust management.


You do not need to have a deep understanding of the stock market trends, we do it for you.


You select a stock broker or the bank to open a brokerage account in.

SGA Consulting has been created based on a 20-year experience of professional traders and neural network technologies

SGA Consulting service was started in 2014. In 2017 we opened the service to the Russian citizens and conduct trading on Moscow Stock Exchange


The clients do not need to have any knowledge of financial markets trading or have any experience in it. All they need is to follow the instructions they receive.

Minimal risk

The service functions in a fully automatic online mode and analyses market activity live. The human factor is completely excluded.


There are no alternatives to have similar profit when weighing revenue against the required resources and time.


The use of blockchain technology allows to evaluate the quality of the trading recommendations and confirm the declared profitability.

Project team

The team is 29 people including 7 professional traders with years of trading experience, 13 highly qualified technical specialists and 9 top managers.

Andrei Slesarenko

Project founder and CEO

Higher education. Over 20 years of experience in banking, stock markets and IT projects development. Co-founder of several companies in real sector. Part of the SGA Consulting team since 2016.

Marina Kardakova

Chief Financial Officer

Higher education. Over 20 years of experience in banking, financial services and consulting. Part of the SGA Consulting team since 2016.

Sergey Golovanov

Chief Business Developer

Higher education. Over 14 years of experience in stock and currency trading. Taught trading in one of the top Russian brokerage companies. Part of the SGA Consulting team since 2016. Is one of the creators of the project business idea.

Alexander Kiselev

IT Director

Higher education in IT. Over 10 years of experience in IT. Professional knowledge in front-end and back-end technologies. Mobile and web applications development expert. Part of the SGA Consulting team since 2016 on all stages of development an management.

Svetlana Klyatysheva

Marketing Director

Higher education. Speaks 2 foreign languages. Strategic branding and PR specialist. Main expertise – research of the business product growth areas in the market, market analysis, PR campaign development. Part of the SGA Consulting team since in 2016

Natalya Elistratova

Chief Analyst

Higher education. Ten years of experience in banking and stock markets. Main expertise – business plan development, strategic planning. Part of the SGA Consulting team since 2016.

Olesya Resnyanskaya

Project Manager

Higher education. Main expertise – negotiations with strategic partners, business analysis reports. Part of the SGA Consulting team since 2016.

Viktor Yastrebov


Higher education. Main expertise – liability analysis and legal compliance, participation in partner and client negotiations. Part of the SGA Consulting team since 2016.

Stanislav Molyarenko

Blockchain developer

Higher education. Blockchain systems development since 2014. Part of the SGA Consulting team since 2016.

Julia Malysheva

Chief UX/UI designer

Higher education. Over 8 years of design experience. Over 5 years of design team management experience. Extensive UX/UI experience. Part of the SGA Consulting team since 2016.


Dear friends!
We welcome you to our website on behalf of our project known as SGA Consulting. Our service was launched in 2016 based on the ideas implemented by a group of enthusiasts with years of personal experience trading in the financial markets. The initial goal of our project was to simplify decision-making for transactions by non-professional investors in the financial markets in order to obtain a stable monthly income. Since the beginning, our service has been actively developing, and it has already implemented provisions for trading recommendations for trading operations in the Russian and American stock exchanges. In the short term, we plan to become a full-fledged international service and to provide services for more than 14 leading international stock exchanges, and to add additional traded instruments such as futures, indices, derivatives and other cryptocurrency pairs. We are always open to discuss new ideas and proposals from potential partners and investors.

+1 4156896917